Monday, December 19, 2016

The Christmas Eve Tree by Delia Huddy & Illus by Emily Sutton

This is a new book out this year. I picked it up because I loved the front cover. I like the colors, the gentleness of the illustrations, and the snow falling. 

The Christmas Eve Tree in it's natural habitat.

A Christmas tree farm. 

(I told you I like them!)

The Christmas trees on the way to the big city in the red truck. 

I am not sure how I feel about these illustrations. Why are the cars lying flat on the road when the cows and horses look normal? Hm....

All the different destinations for the Christmas trees

Our little tree is all the way to the left, tangled in another tree's branches.

I love this shop window display!

The little tree was destined for the dumpster when our hero asks if he can have it. 

The clerk doesn't see any reason he shouldn't, so he hands it over. 

This little tree is lovingly carried back to our hero's house. Which is under an overpass. 

With a few musicians, a crowd gathers. 

Simplicity has the ability to bring an entire crowd to a standstill. 

The magic of Christmas Eve was everywhere!

After Christmas, our hero quietly exits stage right. Since the tree is mostly dead, he leaves it for the street sweeper. 

The street sweeper decides to see what the little tree would do if it was planted. So he plants it in a quiet corner of the park. 

Love this winter garden!

Somehow, the tree survives. And grows into a tall giant that... 

...stretches out its branches for sparrows, pigeons, babies in strollers, lovers, and office workers. 
Mice nibble at its roots.

Trees, the eternal symbol of hope. 

I liked this book. I didn't read a review of it before I dived into it, so I was a little more invested in the little boy than a cameo appearance warrants. I thought he was the main event. But he wasn't--it was the tree. 

I like almost any book about a tree.  


  1. Looks like a cute book! I too like trees.

  2. Awesome! I saw this book at the bookstore the other day, and it caught my eye immediately! Alas, I was on a tight schedule and looking for something specific and had no time to check it out. It looks like a beauty!

    1. When things settle down, you should definitely peruse it! It is lovely.