Thursday, March 23, 2017

How This Book Was Made by Mac Barnett & Illus by Adam Rex

This is a crazy, kid friendly look at the world of book publishing! 

It makes me laugh.

Mac Barnett and Adam Rex are both big names in the kids book world and this collaboration did not disappoint. 

How does a book begin? As an idea!

Ideas can come even when you are arm wrestling a tiger!

His editor always eats fancy lunches. Which apparently include nibbling on roses. 

I get a big kick out of this editor.

The editor sends back his first draft. He sends a second draft. The editor asks why didn't you do what I told you? And this conversation ensues. 

And I said well let's agree to disagree. 
And she said let's agree with me. 
And I said you're not the boss of me. 
 This is one of my favorite parts. I would imagine this is how a lot of writers feel about their editors. Although at the end of the book, they are always thanking their "fabulous editors" so maybe not. 

The script crossed the country a lot. 
Until most of the United States of America was crossed out. 
Many Americans were not happy about this. 

And then the illustrator comes into play. An illustrator who was taking naps and throwing cards in a hat instead of drawing the book.

I love how outrageous this book is, while also giving kids a real perspective on the publishing world. 

Some of the illustrations are photographs of illustrations, which is fun.

The silliness of sending the boook to Malaysia to be printed.

Dumping in the content. 

The book is seen by astronauts, left behind by plundering pirates who do not read, lost by a truck driver and a poker playing grandmother before it finally gets to the shelf in a bookstore where it waits...

...for you, the reader. 

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