Monday, March 27, 2017

Misery by Suzanne Heller

Misery is a rainy, soggy Monday in March when it really ought to be full of spring sunshine. 

And hawthorn branches.

Interesting side note--We have a ton of hawthorn around here and apparently a good bit of it was planted because the power and telephone companies thought planting hawthorn under power lines would keep taller trees from growing there. But the hawthorn grew tall-ish and was also covered by thorns which was pretty miserable to move through.

ANYWAY, back to this book. I found this in a library book sale and it is a delight. It is the kind of book that gets little kids. Every person that has read has completely identified with at least one page. And the pictures are so completely dejected and perfect. 

The struggle is real.

I love this kid. Life is hard. 

I have a terrible memory, but I do remember the incredible importance of who lost baby teeth when and where. School was always better because--tooth necklace!

This is pretty ageless. 

Oh yes. 

My brothers identified with this one.

No matter what happens, this is just not a joyful situation. 


Or the tie on the back of your dress....

This one just really cracks me up. Because all the people with nose plugs look like they have weirdo mustaches, so who wants them? 

Better to look weird with everyone else than to look normal by yourself. 


Crayons were a big deal to my sister. She definitely identified with this one. Because sharp crayons are important

Or when you are the adult who has crammed a child into a snowsuit only to have to take it all off in a ferocious hurry knowing there is a 50/50 chance that you will have to deal with a soggy snowsuit. 

WHY?! Oh the humiliation. 

This one is not really funny, but it makes me laugh every time. 

("I'll just doodle over here.....")


Most of the miseries in childhood are not rational. But they are such a BIG DEAL to the child going through it. And I know I am guilty of You'll-be-fine-ing situations that are very real to who ever is going through them. 

Because I am a heartless adult and am all wrapped up in the things that are such a BIG DEAL to me that kids wouldn't give two cents about. 

Wasn't this a lovely book? I mean as lovely as misery can be. But looking back on childhood from a decade or two distance, all these things do seem funny. 


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  1. This book is fantastic! I must keep my eyes out for it. I recognize too many of these "miseries."