Thursday, July 27, 2017

8: An Animal Alphabet by Elisha Cooper

This is a fun book about animals and letters! Who doesn't love animals and letters?

 I love Cooper's illustrations.  

For each letter, Cooper illustrates various animals that start with that letter. One animal on each page he draws eight times. So there is counting involved too. Hitting all the big 'uns! 

Bison and badgers and camels and chickens.

Dolphins and egrets.

Aren't these pictures cool? I could spend a lot of time on every page, looking at all the animals. But my kids are more interested in what is on the next page, so they move us along at a fast pace. 

Cooper's illustrations are occasionally bumpy, which interests me. Like that fox up there. he is rather bumpy isn't he? But look at that gazelle. So sleek! 

So clearly he uses bumpiness with discretion.

Narwhals are marvelous. 

Quail and panda

At the end of the book, there is a list of animal facts for each page. Which delights me. 

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