Monday, July 3, 2017

The Very Little Girl by Phyllis Krasilovsky & Illus by Ninnon

This book is an adorable older book I found at a local library. For some reason, this particular library has a good collection of older books. I understand the principle behind removing older books (that generally aren't circulated) from the library, but I do love discovering older books like this! 

This one has sweet little illustrations with two-tone coloring. 

Once there was a very, very, very little girl. 

And we explore exactly how little she is. Smaller than her mother's workbasket!

Being little in an adult sized world!

The special accommodations little people need. Their own table, bed, and chair.

When I first read this, I wasn't sure if she was some magical miniature creature, all these special things she needs. Then I realized that little people do actually come with their own everything. As a mother, I can testify to the great quantity of stuff babies need because they are so little.

She was even smaller than other small people. 

But one day, she wasn't so small! She could do things all by herself.

And she kept getting bigger!

Let's discuss the color scheme--I adore green and pink together. All watermelon-y. 

These illustrations just kill me. So delicately adorable! 

Hello bedroom from my childhood dreams.

And we even have a winter scene. 

All this bigness got her ready for being a big sister to a baby brother who was very, very, very small. 

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