Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween by Ivy Eastwick & Illus by Hilary Knight


The sky was yellow,
 the moon was green,
     and the little old Witch


and, at the word,     
from an ivied tower
thirteen black bats   
  in a black bat shower 
    came fluttering through
 the pea green gloom  
 and rested there         
          on the WITCH'S BROOM!

    (And a Witch's Broom--
pray not forget--        
   is a million times faster
than any JET!)           
        So they went to the moon, 
  and they circled about, 
              then they swept and they swept
 till they swept it out;    
  they swept up the moon
        and they made their flight--


in a single night.        

                                           --Ivy O. Eastwick

(From Side by Side by Lee Bennett Hopkins and Illus by Hilary Knight)

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