Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring for Sophie by Yael Werber & Illus by Jen Hill

Happy Spring!!

It is not very springy here in Northern New York--below zero temperatures the past three mornings and 2 feet of snow on the ground. But it IS spring, so the cold and snow can't last much longer. Already I can feel the increased strength of the sun--icicles dripping even at 20 degrees--the roads clearing off faster than they did in January. 

I am ready for warmth and sunshine!

This is an adorable book.

Sophie apparently has a spring like ours--it seems like it will NEVER come. 

These pictures! Love, love, love.

Have I already discussed my prejudice for northern things? I have always lived in northern-ish places, (Alaska, NY, and Colorado--which is a little northern feeling on the Western Slope where we lived) and who doesn't love books you can identify with? 

I want this house. That window! The fireplace! 

Sophie is full of questions--how can she tell when spring is coming? 

Her mother tells her to use her ears--she will begin to hear birds chirping.

She finally begins to hear the birds!

So more questions--how can you tell besides using your ears?

Use your feet. When the ground begins to feel softer, that is spring. 

Then Sophie learns that she must use her eyes and nose to tell when spring will come.

Those spring happenings and spring smells!!

I love this idea of connection with the natural world. Observing, feeling, and talking about. 

I am of the opinion that people, kids in particular, need a LOT more outdoor time than they are currently getting. So I am a little biased towards any book that encourages interaction with nature. 

Now you know about a few of my biases. Outside in the North. Any book with that focus is going to delight me. Well, probably. 

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  1. This book sounds wonderful. The illustrations are beautiful! I'm such a sucker for good art in picture books.

    And I agree that kids need more outdoor time than they're getting! I'm always telling my kids to turn off the device they're currently on and go outside.