Tuesday, April 10, 2018

That Neighbor Kid by Daniel Miyares

This is a sweet story about the tentative beginning of a childhood friendship.

The illustrations are all black and white at the beginning

A kid reading a book upside down! 

And a peeking neighbor....

The kids loved the peeking, hiding aspect of this book. 

Then we see the neighbor climb a tree, up a very intriguing makeshift ladder

And the shy, new girl brings up the dropped tools.

Oh the nerves!! For someone who grew up to be loud and obnoxious, I really was painfully shy as a kid. So I feel for this girl. All the "What if....s" going through the head at this very minute. 

Actually, I am still a tiny bit that shy girl. Because "What ifs" dance through my head the minute someone invites me to something outside the bounds of the normal school routine. I can talk to anyone and voice my opinion confidently, but social situations without clear rules and objectives....? Eeek. 

The meeting. 

Aren't these pictures nice? I love them.

Assistance and color

I love the visuals here--as the friendship develops, the world becomes more colorful.


Juice boxes are better together.

And goodnights are nicer when there is someone to wave to. 

Friends are the very best. 

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