Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Kindness Quilt by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

I AM SO TIRED OF SNOW. I took a walk yesterday because it was gorgeously sunshiney, even thought it was cold and windy. Within 20 minutes it was snowing like crazy. I love snow. I am a big fan of cozy snow. But I just lost my patience with it yesterday. 

I want spring! 

In our never ending winter, I think we could all use a dose of kindness or two in our life. 

Before we talk about the plot, do you see how adorable all these cut paper bunnies are? So much texture and depth to these illustrations!

Minna's homework is to do a kind deed and draw a picture of it. 

Minna reads to her little brother. But is that the best thing to draw a picture of? 

Minna continues being kind while thinking of what is best to draw.

Minna started drawing and cutting out shapes.  And then she knew what to do. 

A quilt square of kindness!

Everyone in class gets in on the quilt creating

Soon everyone in the school gets involved and the kindness quilt grows and grows!

Isn't that sweet? I think I might do something like this with students next year. Because lets face it, the whole world could use a little kindness. 

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