Thursday, June 7, 2018

Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall

Sophie Blackall! I just adore her pictures! I also adore lighthouse keepers. 

There is always an element of man vs. nature in these stories. I happen to adore them as well. 

(I am just very adoring today apparently.)

Guess what? I adore a good cross section! 


Lonely lighthouse keeper life

Those waves!!!

And then life wasn't as lonely.

This book talks mostly about the things and people that come to or by the lighthouse. 

The lighthouse as a place of observation. 

Circles play a big part in living in a lighthouse. 

Walking the floors before delivery.

AHHH!! Isn't this super le duper sweet and cozy? 

(See? circles again.)

Northern lights

And then, inevitably, the hand of progress made his job redundant. So they moved to the mainland. 


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