Monday, June 4, 2018

The thing about life and days in June

This past month, since we got back from Sweden, I have not been able to live life with gusto. Throughout my teen/adult life I have struggled mildly with depression. It is mild enough that careful eating, sleeping, and adequate exercise can keep it from overtaking my life. Pretty sure my current lack of joie de vivre is just due to a fabulous, busy month (I adore May and apple blossoms and family and lilacs and impromptu cousin trips!). 

In all that busyness*  I haven't been sleeping, eating, and exercising as I should. It is boring to have to be disciplined and regimented. But I need to be. Because otherwise, in a best case scenario, I just want to curl up in bed with a good book and let my house fall down around my ears. Not an adulting win.

*(that IS a word, it is not misspelled. Just in case you were wondering. The first day of my current job, someone told me I misspelled "business" on a flyer that was dispersed to the entire school. I freaked out and did some googling to find out I was right. However, does it actually matter if you are right if everyone thinks you are wrong? Probably not. But I sat quietly in  the moral high ground while everyone in the school thought the new librarian was a terrible speller AND a terrible proofreader.) 

In the process of wanting to lay in bed reading books, I just couldn't work up any enthusiasm for blogging. So much WORK. I mean, you have to decide what book to take a picture of, choose where to take the pictures, get the lighting vaguely right, decide what pages to take pictures of... THEN, on top of all of that deciding, you need a cord thingy to connect to your camera or phone to the computer and then you have to look at the pictures and edit and decide and... Too much. So I just didn't.  

Yesterday, after combing the library book sale for books to giveaway to students this summer (I got a fantastic haul!! 10 boxes full of books for only $25. Score!) I found this book:

 It seemed inspired.

So I spent a good hour with my current book like this: 

And then felt much refreshed and made this:

It was yummy. 

And then I curled up in bed to finish my book.

I am still not running on full zest, but let me tell you folks, I see a comeback in the near future! 

We all need a wasted day here and there. Take it from me. 

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