Friday, September 29, 2017

Fall of the Year by Margaret Wise Brown and Illustrated by Leo Espinosa

Fall of the Year

The world's on fire in the cold clear air
The world shouts Autumn everywhere
All the little animals began to grow more fur
All the summer birds began to fly away,
The little grey kitten came out of the wind to purr
And the leaves blew away. All in one day. 

Darkness came before the night
The air grew cold enough to bite
Chrysanthemums were shaggy yellow
The leaves turned red
The leaves turned brown
The tumbled all over the frosty ground
The worlds on fire in the cold clear air
The world shouts AUTUMN everywhere. 

                                                                      --Margaret Wise Brown
                                                                                             From A Celebration of the Seasons

Isn't she adorably pleased about the fall? I love this picture! 

A Celebration of the Seasons is a collection of Margaret Wise Brown's poems found in a trunk in a barn after she died. 12 artists collaborated on an illustration for each poem and then musicians composed tunes to go with the poems. My kids love it! 

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