Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Passing the Music Down by Sarah Sullivan & Illus by Barry Root

This is such a sweet book. 

(And I always forget how hard it is to take pictures of books outside... One of these days, I am totally going to learn how to take phenomenal pictures. You can say you knew me when... )

This book is a true story about a young violin player, Jake, meeting one of the greats of the Appalachian fiddlers, Melvin Wine.

Melvin sees talent in this young boy, so agrees to tutor him. 

Jake's family moves to live near Melvin so Jake can learn more from him. 

Melvin thinks it is important to do more than just play music though--he teaches Jake all about Appalachia through daily life and living. 

I love this so much! This old man giving his wisdom to Jake, passing it on to live after him.

They do find time to fiddle together though. Always time for fiddling.

On the porch...

By the fire..

...and at festivals. 

They play together everywhere.

Years pass, following the same pattern.

Eventually, Melvin teaches Jake about the ending of life. 

And finally, Jake is a grown man and playing at festivals on his own, as a world class fiddler.

And Jake never forgets the man or the place that helped him be everything he is today. 

I so love this! The passion for music, Jake's parent's commitment to his talent, the eventual success. 

I think one of the things I like the most is Melvin insisting that other things were important too. He didn't just tutor Jake on the fiddle and send him home, but taught him how to live life as well. 

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