Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Real Cowboys by Kate Hoefler & Illus by Jonathan Bean

This book....! Oh my goodness I love it! 

Obviously I have a soft spot for cowboys. That is what marrying a cowboy from Colorado does for you. 

In this book, Hoefler shows a softer, deeper side to cowboys. 

"At night, they sing lullabies over the calls of coyotes"

The strength of true gentleness

And these pictures.... love, love, love! I always enjoy Jonathan Bean's illustrations, even when they vary wildly, such as in At Night and this book. 

Cowboys are not the careless devils they are made out to be. They aren't stupid. You can't do much when you leg is infected from a cacti puncture or your arms are blistered with sunburn. 

Real cowboys ask for help. 

I just love how Hoefler takes cowboy stereotypes and turns them on their head. 

The dust... so evocative!


This picture. I mean, LOOK AT IT. Doesn't it do something to your heart? 

I don't understand the art, but I do love it! 


It is. It really, really is. I want to frame most of the pictures and teach my kids the word.

Be gentle.
Ask for help.
Love peace.
Be safe.
See people, not races.
Never think a girl can't rope as well as a boy.

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