Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Ernest and Celestine by Gabrielle Vincent

This is SUCH A CUTE BOOK. A bear and a mouse, best friends. It seems like Ernest, the bear, is also older and wiser than Celestine, so a sort of father figure dynamic going on. 

But whatever they are, they are perfectly adorable. 

Celestine brings Gideon, her green beaked duck on a walk with Ernest. 

Gideon has a mishap.

Sadness and sorrow

Finger of blame

Gideon met an unfortunate end. 

Ernest tries to figure out how to compensate for this tragedy. 

He compensates lavishly

But... They aren't Gideon.

So Ernest asks Celestine to draw Gideon just so. 

He then works away at his project.

All that work is well rewarded!

All that joy needs an outlet--a party is planned!

Chaos and joy and tears.

A giant sleepover

Is all forgiven? 

I think so. 

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