Monday, December 11, 2017

The Blizzard by Betty Ren Wright & Illus by Ronald Himler

I discovered this book at our library last week. I am a little bit of a sucker for a good midwestern Blizzard. Not sure why, but I just am. 

This is a sweet, quiet book.

In this book, Billy is pondering the unfairness of birthdays. His sister's birthday is in the summer, so cousins can always make it. His birthday had to be in December, which means that once again, his cousins can't make it out from town because the weather is supposed to be bad. 

I feel his pain. I am a February birthday. I had a cold or the flu on my birthday for 3 consecutive years which meant no party. 

A dejected walk to school. 

Aren't these watercolors lovely? 

By recess time, there was a good snowstorm going on. 

A while later, in blew someone to tell the teacher the school was to stay there overnight because the weather was so bad. 

Our intrepid teacher, Miss Bailey didn't have blankets or food for overnight visits, so she decides to go to the closest house, which is  Billy's. 

Human chain so none of the littles would get lost in the wind and snow. 

Billy's mother greeting her unexpected guests.

Billy letting his father know they have company.

(I adore barn pictures.)

After everyone helps with the barn chores (barn chores are ever so much more fun when you have friends over. I speak from experience.) they settle into a big supper in the snug and cozy house. 

A large supper with all your friends, the prospect of a sleepover ahead, and a lot of snow to explore tomorrow. 

Life is pretty good all around. 

And suddenly it is a party. A birthday party!

After everyone is snug in their beds, stacked in like cord wood, Billy's dad asks him if maybe December birthday's might not have their compensations. 

Billy concedes that yes, they just might. 

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