Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Why is the Snow White? Heinz Janisch & Silke Lefler

The other day, I was walking through our local Dollar General (you may laugh, but to those of us in Podunk, America DG is pretty fabulous!) and this book caught my eye. Who knew Dollar General had interesting books? 

This was originally published in Switzerland, which might be why I have never heard of it.

Snowdrops and Father Winter

The book opens with a father and daughter snuggled in a window seat discussing why the snow is white. 

When snow was being made, it went around to all the various flowers to ask them for a little of their color for the snow. 

Each flower agreed, but once they had given their color, they jealously demanded it back. 

Aren't these fanciful pictures? I love these flower people!

Even the grass was jealously guarding his color. 

Finally Father Snow asked the snowdrop flower to share her color and the snowdrop agreed. 

Snow became white and covered up the world. 

All the flowers who refused to share their color were mercilessly killed as soon as the snow touched each one. 

Only the little snowdrop was allowed to touch the snow and live. 

And that, is why the snow is white, my friend. 

Isn't that whimsical and gorgeous? I feel justified in break my buy nothing resolution to spend $3 on this one! 

Just so you know, my buy nothing resolution has been modified to have a small monthly budget for books. Because, lets get serious--I am a librarian. Books are what I do for a living. I will need to buy them here and there. 

Or at least that is what I say. 


  1. Hi Bethany, My name is Alyssa. You don't know me, and I don't know you! I knew your sister Clover several years ago from Milford. It is through her blog that I found yours.
    Anyway, I just bought this book after reading your review. I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading all of your reviews. I have kids ages 12 and 9 so I like looking here for recommendations both age appropriate ones and for story books! I think we never really outgrow a good story book! Well, I've read here for a while and wanted to let you know I appreciate your writing!
    P.S. Jonathan is my husband and I can't get it to show up with my name but... Oh well. It's really me. :)

  2. How fun! I love following blog trails and coming upon people I know through friends of friends! :-) Thanks for your kind words! I feel like I am not here are often as I want to be, but I still love writing and books, soo.... :-)

    Hope you have fun with this book! It is so delicate and elegant!