Friday, February 2, 2018

My Own Room by Nancy Dingman Walsh & Illus by Erik Blegvad

My Own Room

Up in my bedroom
On a winter's night
               The fir tree ticks the window
         When I put out the light.

        The sky is black and cold
  The stars flash bright
              The moon and clouds roll by
             On the windy winter's night

I shiver as I watch 
 And I wish on a star
       The first or the brightest
           On the one that blinks afar

         And after I have wished 
I jump into bed      
                       And the fir tree ticks the window 
    All night by my head.

            But when a storm is raging 
  Or I hear an owl call 
           I like to know my brother 
     Is right down the hall.

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