Monday, February 12, 2018

Darcy Swipes Left by Jane Austen and Courtney Carbone

Do you remember Macbeth from last year? Well here is the Pride and Prejudice version. 

I assumed I would like this one better than the Macbeth version, (because P&P is so much better than Shakespeare) but I don't. 

Carbone has taken a classic and changed it into a text exchange in modern parlance. 

Shakespeare seemed hilarious in modern parlance and emoji.  

But somehow, Mr. Bennet does not strike me as an emoji kind of fellow. 

Mr. Collins seems to translate well though. 

I do love the little apps scattered throughout though. 

Mary understands the benefit of a good meme. 

And would Mr. Bennet really make family statements on social media? Mrs. Bennet, sure. But... 

I love Lady Catherine de Bourgh ALL CAPS-ing everything and signing her name to each and every text. Clearly she doesn't quite get texting. 

Lizzy is way too intelligent to write forget as 4get. And sry, Darcy shouldn't shorten sorry to sry. 

Clearly I am prejudiced against text speech. Which is pretty legitimate. I am one of those annoying texters who writes ALL THE WORDS. I just do. 

Mrs. Bennet and Trump would understand each other's social media accounts. 

There were definitely some laugh out loud parts, and if you are a Pride and Prejudice junky (that's me!) it is well worth the chuckle. However, it has none of the magic of the original. 

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