Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Children of the Forest by Elsa Beskow

Elsa Beskow is magical. Her books are detailed and cozy, sparking all the right sorts of imagination. 

This book is one of my favorite simply because of the toadstool caps. I didn't even read it and I loved it, based solely on that fact.

"Deep in the forest, under the curling roots of an old pine tree, was a small house."

I am already captivated. 

Just in case you needed to see their little toadstool caps a little closer. 

The four children are named Tom, Harriet, Sam and Daisy

Delivering things to squirrels

The thing with cozy books is that too cozy is boring. So Elsa Beskow adds in dangerous snakes that their father can fight while he is safe in his pinecone armour, forest trolls, and other small little dangers that keep the book from getting sugary sweet. 

Working on the mushroom harvest

The moon telling the forest people that summer must come to an end. 

Looking for suitable schooling for the children

School in session

First snow!

In winter they trade their red toadstool caps for cunning little green caps trimmed in white fur.

And then, spring comes around again! Joy! 

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