Monday, July 16, 2018

My Heart Fills with Happiness by Monique Gray Smith & Illus by Julie Flett

This book was sitting at our school bookfair, in among all the Shopkins, unicorn journals, and Disney character easy readers. 

I am not generally a huge fan of Scholastic bookfairs. BUT. This book. 

The dedication immediately piqued my interest. 

This book is dedicated to the former Indian Residential School students and their families--may you find what you seek...

Indian Residential Schools always interest me--such a devastating part of American history that is so under the radar. 

This book is full of reasons our hearts fill with happiness. 

The illustrations by Julie Flett are gorgeous. I love that they feature Native people. 

This page right here sold me on the whole book. Heart eyes! 

oh the delight

Love, love, love!

Grandmothers are the best

And at the end, we get a chance to think about what makes us happiest. 

A narwhal mommy and baby and a grandfather and grandbaby. 

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