Wednesday, January 6, 2016

But No Elephants by Jerry Smath

This is a book that captured my fancy as a little kid. And judging by the Amazon reviews and the fact that it has been reprinted, it captured other people's fancy too. 

It is a silly book, really. Little Grandma Tildy living alone is convinced to take a lot of the pet man's pets, but she stands firm on the subject of elephants. The other pets are useful, cheering her up, cutting her wood, carrying her shopping, and pounding nails in the roof. When the poor snowy elephant finally comes in, he eats everything up and breaks through her floor. Grandma Tildy clearly knew a thing or two about the usefulness of elephants. After deep contemplation about his usefulness, the elephant moves them all to a place that looks suspiciously like Florida. 

But for all it's silliness, I felt a jolt of joy when I found this at a library book sale. The kids love it. 

I am not sure what style you would call the pictures. Definitely a 1970's/80's flavor. And I love them for it. 

Look at that poor lonesome elephant! No wonder Grandma Tildy couldn't resist for long.  

Finally, the elephant walks the house away from the cold north where everyone is cold and hungry. (We northerners resent that implication.)

I adored this picture when I was little. That magical bridge! 

Grandma Tildy ends up opening an elephant friendly house where she serves cocktails with pink flamingos decoratively standing around. 

Grandmothers, pets, elephant houses, flamingos, and drink umbrellas. How could we not love it? 


  1. I am in love with that bridge too, and I am very much not a youngster no' mo'!

  2. I am in love with that bridge too, and I am very much not a youngster no' mo'!

  3. Well I sort of love that bridge now too. :-) Think of all the people we could visit if we had a bridge that skipped about 10 states at once.