Thursday, January 14, 2016

On a Wintry Morning by Dori Chaconas illustrated by Stephen T Johnson

Oh, this book! 

Back in the days when my nine year old was a toddler, my sister Clover, the children's librarian, gave me a copy of this book. (You can generally rely on Clover for a good book.) Her kids loved it and so she gave us a copy. It isn't written as a song book, but Clover told us to sing it to "Here we go around the mulberry bush." The syllables are not exact, but once  you get it down, round about the 4th time you read it, it goes smoothly for the next 3,267 times your kids ask  you to read it. 

We love this book. 

(Our exuberant love is exhibited in the dinginess of our copy.) 

The story follows a father and daughter who go out to see how the world looks on a snowy morning. There is such delight between the father and the little girl. They are having such a nice time being together. It reminds me of how the kids are with Justin, right after he gets back from being away for a week or two. 

"Daddy tie her hat on tight, tie that baby's hat on tight. The wind will blow with all it's might, On a wintry morning."

Aren't they having a lovely time? 

Look how delighted he is with his girlie! 

"Quick foot, light-foot bunny track"

After looking at things outside for a little bit, they harness up the black and grey and hie themselves away to the market in the square. Where they wave to everyone there.

After their busy morning, they head back inside to get warmed up. 

"Daddy, blow upon her toes. Warm those tiny tender toes, Rub her hands and kiss her nose, On a wintry morning." 

I love, love, love this picture. The tenderness. The gentleness. 

Then a quick snuggle and a "cozy, dozy tune.."

"Sleep for now, and very soon, We'll share a wintry afternoon."

I have a softness for thumb sucking pictures. I am eternally grateful that Gilbert gave up thumb sucking when he started kindergarten, but.... I miss that littler boy who sucked his thumb sometimes. 

This is such a sweet and tender father/daughter book. 

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