Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Snow by Roy McKee and P D Eastman

This is a nostalgia sort of book. I like it because it reminds me of my childhood, but other than that, it is too... well... simplistic? Smug? These kids smile all the time. He throws a snowball right in her face and she smiles. Clearly they are not human. Any kid over 5 is going to wonder why on earth she doesn't tackle him and wash his face thoroughly with snow.  That is a winter activity too. 

However, the pictures are cute with clear bright colors, the rhyme is simple and straightforward (sometimes a little too simple "We can't go fast, the hill is steep. We think our dog, has gone to sleep."), so it isn't a book I dread the kids choosing. It is quick and easy. 

And it is intended for kids learning to read. It isn't meant to be a work of literature. The simplicity is to be expected. 

And their chubby little smiling faces are sort of cute. 

This is not a book to read in the end of March when you despise each and every snowflake coming down to clutter up your sidewalk and driveway. It will make you angry.  They are so thoroughly delighted about snow. Save it for November when you are eagerly anticipating the first snow.

Seriously. Who can smile while being hit in the face with a snowball? No one, that's who. Pretty sure even Mother Teresa would have had a momentarily lapse of saintliness. 

There is a sleigh though. And jingle bells!


Fort building

Sharing their crumbs with birds. 

And finally, with their melting snowman, their smiles falter. 

But they are not down for long and within minutes are smiling again with plans to freeze a lot of snowballs. 

Oh well. We could all use a little more happiness in our lives, right? 

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