Monday, January 11, 2016

Names for Snow by Judi K Beach with pictures by Loretta Krupinkski

When I saw this book, it wasn't an immediate, must by. Something about the cover made me hesitate. I am still not sure what it is, but I am not crazy about the cover. I keep thinking it is ripped where the little mouse is skiing. But I am very glad I bought it. It is adorable. Might be one of coziest books I have ever seen about snow. 

This is written by an author and an illustrator from Maine, but it is partly based on the author's fascination with the fifty different words Inuits have for snow. It doesn't use the Inuit words, just considers all the different feelings we southerly northerners have about snow. 

If you are looking for a wintery book for younger kids, this one is perfect. It isn't too wordy, there is a lot of visual interest in the side panels of all the pictures, and it explains snow so well. 

And it is cozy
Have I mentioned how cozy this book is? 

A mousie asks his mother "What is snow?" The rest of the book is what we call snow when it comes at different times. 

Before we move on though, let's look at that sweet picture of a farm sunrise. I love, love all the landscape/house/barn pictures in here. And I like the little mice children doing snowy things too. (The book flap that says it is a rabbit family. I think the book flap might be wrong. They are such mousey looking rabbits.)

"We call it welcome in November."

The joy in seeing a brown and weary world revive in clean whiteness--the joy of that first snow...

"We call those soft, full flakes floating down Wings of White Butterflies."

The snow that floats on the wind going hither and thither before making up its mind to settle somewhere. 

"We call it kitten when it sleeps in the crook of a window."

The word imagery is poetical and exactly right. Snow is lacy on tiny branches. 

Do you see the sweet little mice/rabbits ice skating? 

"Call it magician when the landscape disappears."

This picture. Oh my word I love this picture. 
"In the evening, when snow delivers us to the comfort of the hearth fire,.."

"...we call it friend."

(I am really bad at not telling all there is to tell about a book, or leaving the ending so you can be surprised. I did leave a few pages out, though. So I show a little, teensy shred of restraint.)

Oh! I love this book. The sweet little mice and their hearth fire.

 Okay, okay, maybe they are rabbits. I see the carrot picture on their hearth. I would just like to say that they are more mice than rabbits in my humble, artistic opinion. 


  1. I agree- those are mice!!! Their ears are much too short for rabbits! Also, that picture of the warmly lit house is awesome in my humble opinion, too!

  2. Right? Those are not bunny ears!