Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Blue Chicken Deborah Freedman

This is a fun and artsy little book. All that splashy blue!

The story begins in an artist's studio

....on a day just perfect for painting the barn. 

A bit of a mixup

Blue is a sneaky color. It is going everywhere!

Everyone else is getting blue! 

This is not a book that gets  right up amongst you because it is so lovely, but it is fun. I mean how is splashing in blue paint not fun? 

Things are not going well for that paint spilling chicken. Apparently not everyone thinks splashing in blue paint is fun. 

The world has turned blue and hostile. 

Poor, misunderstood chicken.

Can we get rid of the blue? 

These like ducks are so adorable!

Things are looking less blue.

And then we see the artist outside her studio, painting her barn. 

And the animals want to help....

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