Wednesday, May 17, 2017

You and Me and the Wishing Tree by Nancy Tillman

Since I was too lazy to put up a Mother's Day post, here is a lovely mother-child book. With a selfless mother and a sweet, but mostly selfish little kid. Benevolent tyrant style. 

And unicorns. What more do we need? 

One day a little child wakes up to find a wishing tree outside his house. 

He begins to wish magical things. 

The ability to fly first, of course.  

He and his mother fly all around wishing for and finding magical things. 

Like bears on a beach picnic. 

And unicorns.

And hopscotching penguins. 

This boy know what to wish for. 

Aren't the pictures great? They are almost photographic in spots and then impressionistic in others. 

As you drifted off to sleep, you whispered, 
"Did your wish come true?"
I whispered back, "My little one, 
my wish was just to be with you." 

In typical little kid fashion, he didn't think to ask his mother to make a wish, but then because he is a nice boy, he did remember finally. 

And in typical momma fashion, she reassures him that she only wanted to be with him. 

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