Monday, May 22, 2017

This Is My Book by Mark Pett

This book speaks to the inner control freak in me. 

This is my book. I get to make the rules!!

Mark Pett describes what he does as the author and illustrator of the book. 

I am the author, 
and that means I get to write
all of the words.

I am also the illustrator,
so I get to make all of the pictures, too.
Here, I'll draw something. 

The panda he draws takes on a life of his own. 

Mark Pett gets a little short with the reader for scribbling on the pages. Although we know who is doing the scribbling. 

Little kids love knowing something the author doesn't. 

Finally he figures out what his creation is up to

Pett starts making rules to keep everything shipshape.

As quickly as he makes the rules, this unruly panda breaks them. 

Kids love misbehaving characters. 

Optimistically, he keeps making rules. 

Obstinately, the panda keeps breaking them. 

He adds some characters.

Book flaps!!

We love pull tabs!!

I feel like this when I am trying to get kids to clean their rooms. 


Finally everyone stops to listen. 

Which is boring. 

And finally he concedes that the characters are allowed to help. 

One of my favorite parts of this book is that it includes a little blank book for the reader to make their own book. What kid wouldn't love to have a little blank book?!

This part of the book is lost a little in a library, since not every kid that checks out the book can have a little blank book. But this is a fun book to discuss author/illustrator with young kids. And little blank books are easy enough to make. 

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