Tuesday, August 30, 2016

At Night by Jonathan Bean

This is a simple little book about summer nights. 

I love Jonathan Bean.  

Do you see that little reader? Little readers are always adorable. 

Putting the kids to bed. 

But not to sleep. Those summer nights when you just can't sleep. Maybe it is too hot or stuffy. Or too summery and moonshine-y. 

The sounds of other people sleeping...

...makes your own unsleeping all the more pronounced.

But then she felt a breeze...

..and followed it.

I love her mother waking up and being aware of what is going on, but not interrupting. 

The illusion of independence is so important to kids. They think they are doing it all alone, but parents are right there in the background, being aware, and ready to step in if things get to be too much.

The breeze led to the rooftop.

The rooftop in the city...

...in the world.

She looked up, breathed, closed her eyes...

and slept.

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