Monday, November 6, 2017

There's a Monster in Your Book! By Tom Fletcher & Illus by Greg Abbott

Isn't that an adorable little monster? I couldn't resist. 

This is a really fun, interactive book. Lots of giggles and laughter when we read it.

There appears to be a page eating monster in the book. 

So we do everything we can to get him OUT of the book. 

Because no one needs a page eating monster in their book. 

Finally, we are so loud and scary the little monster leaves. Yay!!

Except.... if he isn't in this book, where did he go? 

Is he loose in your bedroom? Under your bed??

Call him back!!

Phew! He is back in the book. 

And now he is tired. Pat his head and tell him good night.

And ever so quietly close the book. 

Pretty cute, huh? 

Not sure how this will translate in a whole class setting in the library, but it worked really well as a snuggle up and read together book! 

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