Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Pigs Love Potatoes by Anika Denise & Illus by Christopher Denise

I am at my sister's for Thanksgiving. As I was nosing through her books, I discovered this one. Since we are pealing about 15 pounds of potatoes for tomorrow's dinner, it seemed apropos. 

My kids are little piggies when it comes to potatoes. SO MANY POTATOES IN OUR LIFE. But honestly, I am okay with that. Peeling potatoes, throwing them in a pot, adding a little butter, cream, and salt to create something fluffy and yummy that my kids devour? It is kind of like magic. 

Anika and Christopher Denise are a husband and wife team. I like husband and wife teams.  

I went way overboard on pictures for this book, but I really enjoy fat little piggies. 


This is basically a counting book.

One little pig is helping

Another comes to peak.

TWO little get a scolding. 

Helping in the kitchen, playing in water, bright colors, and a pig in a tutu. 

My heart. 

In case you did not see exactly how cute that dancing pig is, here is a closeup! 

Joyful peeling! 


Oh the excitement!

Bright red front porch swing... Happy sigh! 

A neighbor drops by. I love the red and striped piggy's excitement! 

And I like the subtext of Mommy and Daddy pig here. Clearly Mommy was not keen on having company tonight. 

But then a few more friends drop by.

Happy piggies with tummies full of potatoes! 

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