Thursday, August 3, 2017

Macbeth #killingit by William Shakespeare and Courtney Carbone

Courtney Carbone takes classic literature and recreates it using text messages and apps. Pretty hilarious! 

Shakespeare in text form is hilarious. At least to me! 

Someone was telling me that it would only be funny if you had already read the book/play and understood it, which might be true. Still, I get a huge kick out of these books! And I can't help but think they get a lot of information across in a less boring way than cliff notes. So I like them!



There are a lot of good notes

Never shoulda bought those matching BFF kilts...

This slays me! 

Lady Macbeth is evil. With a lot of emojis.

Macbeth is listening to Justin Bieber's "Bad Day."

It was kind of a bad day. 

These witches. 

No spoilers!

Macduff asking about his family--

Ross--They are fine


Macduff--What does that mean? TELL ME

Ross--They're all dead. 

KingMD Symptom Checker

Macbeth tells his servant that his is a liar, pants on fire with emojis. 


Great Birnam Wood has checked into Dunsinane

Macbeth creates an online Survey--Were you born of a woman

Life is getting complicated for Macbeth

Macduff scored 0% on Macbeth's quiz. 

Macbeth--Well that's ironic

Macduff--You mean "coincidental."

Macbeth--Either way! I definitely don't want 2 fight u now!

It's over, Macbeth.

Pretty fun, right? I will share the Pride and Prejudice one I read later on. 

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