Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Too Many Mittens by Florence and Louis Slobodkin

I have heard great things about this book through the years, but had never actually read it. Then my sister gave me a library book sale copy. 

And it is pretty much as delightful as I have heard--full of red mittens, generosity, sharing, giving back, and a connected, caring community. 

I took all the pictures on my red sweater, then realized I had red mitten flannel sheets on our bed. So I took a few pictures against that background. Still not sure which one was the better background. Which is why I m putting up both. 

Adorable red cheeked boys! 

These adorable red cheeked boys were twins who had a habit of losing mittens. They were being looked after by their grandmother while their parents were on vacation. In this book, one of the twins misplaced a mitten.

The next day, the neighbor girl brought back the missing mitten. 

By then however, the damage had been done. Everyone knew the twins were missing a mitten. Their teacher gave them one to bring home. 

The garbage man, the milkman, and the grocers all gave the twins another lost mitten. 

Within a day or two, they had ten extra red mittens. 

And more mittens kept coming. 

And when the twin's parent's came home, their mother brought them red mittens. 

The twins showed off their extensive collection of red mittens. 

One of the twins had a brain wave. 

A red mitten line! 

It proved popular. 

By spring, there was only one mitten left. 

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  1. Love your red mitten story but so cool you have a red flannel mitten sheet !!!