Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak

I am a little overdue with this one, but... we just had our first killing frost, so really, not too far behind. 

I picked some leaves and flowers to take pictures and while I was setting them up, I saw this little stowaway. For my daughter's sanity, I relocated her (the spider, not my daughter) to the great outdoors. But she fit into the color scheme rather well. 

Kenard Pak always has such a soft and gentle palette, rather dreamy. 

Overall, this book is rather soft and gentle. There isn't a real driven plot, just a kid walking through his world, noticing the changes happening around him. It is a nice read, but it isn't a MUST READ NOW kind of book. 

Pak has a book like this for each season now--this main character goes through his world, noticing all the little signs of the approaching season. He interacts with the animals who tell him what they are doing to prepare for the upcoming fall.  

Even the clouds get into the conversation, 
My low rumble from far away, My clouds loom over the open fields and quiet hills. 

And then he heads into town to see all the town signs of approaching fall.


Cozy, evening light...

....and crisp fall morning. 

Fall has been casually sauntering towards us for a few weeks now, but tonight, when I headed into the woods with the dogs it was like it had started galloping and I hadn't noticed. Leaves are so deep and vibrant right now, geese flying over, leaves all over the ground, ferns dying, that fall wood smell....

Fall is here!  

Hope your fall is beautiful! 

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