Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Book Vintage Activity book

Today's book is one I got from my favorite thrift store. I have a lot of books from that thrift store. But this one might just be the one we looked at the most. We used it twice a week at our church meetings for several years. Between four kids, it had a workout. Last night, I saw my niece and nephew looking at it in meeting and decided I wanted to use it for this blog. Because this is about books that were important to me and this one is pretty up there, importance wise. 

I am a complete sucker for things like this. Think about how much work went into this book! It boggles the mind. I picture some mid-century grandmother making this, stitching it all carefully by hand as she sat around the wood stove in the Adirondack evenings. And that much work deserves some kind of attention, all these years later. 

This is awesome, folks!

A corduroy duck with two fish on this fishing pole.

Hook and eye ducks. 

I am not sure if this was a kit or what, but there is so much detail and creativity in this book!

A snapping turtle. 

All snapped up!

A zippy crocodile. 

Actually, this zipper isn't zippy anymore. But I never wanted to attempt to replace it because I am just not that daring. I pictured this book in pieces in the mending basket for three years until my kids were too old to play with it and I discreetly threw it away. 

We just worked around the non-zippy zipper. 

A giraffe with three bow ties.

A buckled up kangaroo

A lacing Bear coach. Who lost his lace.

Elephant with elastic looping button up roller skates

An embarrassed lion with a braiding tail.

A bus driving hippo with a buttoned up lip...

...and a flappy red tongue.

At the end of the book, there are all the letters of the alphabet. 


...and lowercase.

And then numbers. Apparently as many as would fit on the page. 

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