Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Golly Sisters Ride Again by Betsy Byars & Illus by Sue Truesdell

The Golly Sisters and I go way back. My first ever new book purchase was a Golly Sister book. I believe there are only three Golly Sister books. The Golly Sisters travel around singing and dancing to entertain the masses on the frontier. Betsy Byars is a great author and Sue Truesdell's awesome style of illustrating perfectly pairs with the story. 

I still love the Golly Sisters. 

This is an I Can Read Book with short chapters. Reading chapters is such an accomplished feeling.

Here is Rose worrying about having a goat in the audience.

To get Rose to stop worrying, May-May asked people to remove the goat. 

A man obliged. And then two boys offered to help.

Soon everyone was chasing madly after the goat.

The Golly Sister's audience was gone.  

I really love these illustrations!

Rose decides to write a play called The Princess and the Troll. May-May forsees problems with this play. 

And problems there are.  

The Golly Sisters are delightfully ridiculous!

Finally, consensus is reached.

A Golly sister holiday.

Neither of the Golly Sister's is scared of storms.

But they remember how they hid under the bed when they were little. 

They decide it might be fun to pretend to be little girls hiding under the bed. Just to pretend.

They remember singing to block out the thunder. They decide it might be fun to sing while under the bed. 

So they do. 

After the storm, they congratulate each other on their grown up-ness.  

And head to the next town.

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