Thursday, July 14, 2016

A Little House of Your Own by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers & Illus by Irene Haas

I picked this up at the book sale simply because it is shaped differently. I like tall skinny books. But once I read this, oh! how much I love it! This book is all about having a space all of your own and people respecting that. Being slightly introverted, it is really easy for me to get behind an idea like that. It is also an adorable and sweet book. And even for kids who aren't introverted, this addresses an important concept--that you should be allowed privacy and other people should respect that and let you have privacy. 

And what little kid doesn't love having their own little space where they get to make the rules? 

(The pictures are less than stellar, but time is short this morning, so can't go back and retake.)

The drawings are lovely too. I love pen and ink drawings. As I think I have mentioned. 

Written in secret meadows at Tuilauvent.


Everyone needs a little house of their own.

And not just the house you live in with your parents. But your very own, tiny house.

The author favored under the dining room table and the tablecloth.

Then she had a tree house.

Nobody could see me 
in my secret house in the tree.
When people looked up in the tree
they couldn't see me at all.

All they could see were
 he many many leaves. But
I could look down and see
everyone if I wanted to.

That sense of power and control over a situation or space are important for kids to experience. Not all the time, but sometimes. 

Observing the world from her tree house.

And you can invite friends into your little house. But they can only come when  you say they can. 

Her friend Martha had an actual little house! With a fireplace and two chairs.

Lucky duck Martha.

But a little house doesn't have to be fancy. 

Just as long as you have one.

Love, love all these pictures of kids in their little houses.

Of course you don't always
want to be in your own
little house by yourself.

Not even most of the time. 

Just sometimes.

Most of the time
it is fun to be with
other children. 

I love the author reinforcing the idea that you shouldn't be on your own all the time. That isn't the point of little houses. 

Kids are awesome to be with!

Grown ups too!

The elementary librarian of me just adores this picture.

But sometimes you just
want everyone to leave you

No children.
No grownups.

You just don't want anyone
to bother you.

Then it is a good thing 
to have a little house
of your own.

Various forms of little houses.

Parents and grown ups need their own little houses too. 

A little house in your father's arms.

Oh the sweetness!!!

Or your mother's arms!

The safest, snuggest house of all.

And at the end of the book, we are reminded to respect other people's quiet houses. 

Give other people their space. 

Such an awesome book!

Have a lovely Thursday!


  1. Oh, this looks wonderful! I'm off to check the library, just in case...

  2. I had this book as a girl, Bethany, and it was one of my 2 favorites (the other was Mr. Dog, by Margaret Wise Brown, which had a similar "message")
    Just now I wanted to look it up to see if it was as wonderful as I remembered, and I came across your page with the photographs and your lovely appreciation of it. It is MORE wonderful than I remembered. Now a retired child psychiatric nurse, I am ever more acutely aware of how books can be a lifeline for children. I think this book encapsulates the essence of a healthy psychological development, and I wish that it would be reprinted. Thanks so much for finding and loving this little book, and for sharing it with us!