Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ships: A Pop-Up Book by Robert Crowther

I got this book at a thrift store in Burlington last fall. Pop up books are not something I normally buy, since my kids are not all old enough to treat pop up books with the care that they absolutely require. But I loved this one, so I took a chance. An hour after we were home, something was ripped out. 


But it is still a really awesome book and the kids are much more careful after Mummy hooted and hollered about being careful with pop up books.

This book has incredibly good descriptive pictures and a load of information on every single page.   

(Note the bent up oar.)

There is a ton of information on every page.

Isn't that an awesome ship? It is a Greek Biremes, the fastest ship on the seas around 500 BC.

Sailing ships. 

 This is the HMS Victory, commanded by Admiral Nelson in the Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815) and is still in the service of the British Navy today. 

A blurry picture of a pull out tab describing the different sailing rigs and their names. 


And a folded map! 



With a flap about the decks of the Queen Mary. There are 14. Wowee, wow, wow.

Fighting ships

And the Modern Port.

This is a terrible picture, but isn't it cool? 

This same author has two other pop-up books, one about trains, and the other about airplanes. I think I need to check them out!

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