Thursday, July 28, 2016

Uproar on Hollercat Hill by Jean Marzollo & Illus by Steve Kellogg

  In contrast to yesterday's picture perfect family life, I give you Uproar on Hollercat Hill. This was a book that was worn to pieces by us kids growing up. Mom and Dad's copy is in tatters. 

A family that fights and hollers and loves each other fiercely is very realistic to all of us.  

Jean Marzollo is the author of the I Spy books. This is one of her earlier books. And Steven Kellogg...well, I love Steven Kellogg.

My aunt just sent me my great grandmother's china. Isn't it lovely?

Happy kittens playing together nicely. It won't last.

Things are hoppin' in the Cat house.

I love Poppa happily drumming away while Momma appears to be plowing up their front lawn.

Things fall apart.

This right here, is the one of the best lines in children's literature. Right up there with about 945 other best lines. 

They take all their sadness, sorrow, and grievances to Momma. Who gets so distracted....

The tractor goes trundling down the hill to the neighbors. By itself.

So then the neighbors are part of the melee.

Poppa finally thinks of tea.

Tea solves everything. Including neighborhood riots. But note, it is the cookies that bring a smile to their faces. 

Cookies are so important.

Sometimes folks 
Just got to fight,
When it's over, 
Kiss good night.

I love this. It is such a healthy view of arguments. With the seeming demise of polite discourse and discussion in today's culture, it is good to be reminded that you can argue with someone and still love them.  

Strawberry shortcake, huckleberry pie,
We love you and that's no lie.  

Even if you fight and holler and cause mayhem. We still love you. 

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  1. How many times have we read this and quoted it in the last 35 years?? "when it's over, kiss goodnight." Wonderful.