Thursday, August 24, 2017

Favorite Nursery Songs by Phyllis Brown Ohanian & Illus by Marjorie Torrey

This is a book that has been loved to pieces. 
I don't know where the cover went to. 

Gilbert has a thing for song books. He used to get piano books and ask people to sing them to him. 

And this book not only has familiar, lovely songs that I can sing to him without making up a random tune that always peters out about the third verse, but it also has adorable little illustrations. 

Isn't this a sweet little woodland scene? 

Lazy Mary--I wouldn't want to get out of a bed that had such a cute quilt either. 

Every other page has minimal, black and white illustrations.

Bobby Shafto

I love these little geese!


This was one of my favorite pictures! Isn't it too impossibly sweet? I think my mom and dad used an illustration like this to announce one of our births. I seem to remember seeing it at some point. 

Jingle Bells

I love all of these busy little girls! 

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