Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Little Big Girl by Claire Keane

Claire Keane is Bil Keane's (creator of Family Circus) granddaughter. It isn't too hard to believe, since their illustration style is very similar. Claire Keane is also a big wig in Walt Disney Animation Studios, working as an artist for Tangled, Frozen, and Enchanted. 

This book is based on her daughter Matisse. 

This book is very similar to The Very Little Girl , except this one was written some 60 years later. 

Matisse is own chill chick though. She owns her littleness like nobody's business! 

Shoes are so much smaller when you are little.


Toddlers are their own kind of superhero. 

For all their littleness, toddlers have a large presence in life.

Do you see all this foreshadowing? In the baby aisle at the store, the big sister book? 

Baby brother!

I love her adoration!

Gahhh!! So sweet!

And suddenly, she doesn't seem so small! 

Someone told me that the easiest way for your toddler to seem like a giant is to have a newborn. So true! 

Being a big sister is important work!

Another #reallifewithtoddlers picture. 

Diaper changes with a groggy, sleepy looking Daddy.

This one...... oh my heart! I love this!

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