Monday, August 14, 2017

Little Pea by Amy Crouse Rosenthal & Jen Corace

Amy Crouse Rosenthal and Jen Corace worked together on three little books, Little Hoot, Little Oink, and Little Pea. All three feature characters who love to do things little human children hate to do. Unfortunately, their parents force them to do all the fun things. Little Hoot is not allowed to keep his room clean. Little Hoot has to stay up all night long with no napping. And Little Pea? He has to eat candy before he gets his beloved vegetables.   

Amy Crouse Rosenthal is almost always good for a laugh and these books are no exception! Kids love them! Reading them one after the other is slightly repetitious. So space them out a little! 

They are such happy little peas! 

Little Pea likes rolling super fast down hills.

He loves it when his father catapults him off the spoon end! 

Stories from when Mama Pea was a baby.

Little Pea had to eat candy ALL WEEK LONG. 

Little Pea hated all of it.

The typical "Eat your dinner!" argument, but flipped on its head. 

Suffering through the candy.

And finally he gets.....spinach! YES!

Isn't this perfectly adorable? I would suggest read it to your favorite little four or five year old. They will love it!

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