Monday, April 25, 2016

When Spring Comes by Kevin Henkes & Illustrated by Laura Dronzek

Kevin Henkes is a marvelous children's author. Several of our favorite books from the last two decades have been Kevin Henkes books. This is his latest, published in February. Laura Dronzek, the illustrator, is his wife, and while I prefer Kevin Henkes' own illustrating style to his wife's, I love the whole husband and wife collaboration thing. I picture them sitting in a sunshine-y studio calmly discussing the various aspects of book writing and illustrating and calling each other "dear." 

I just googled, and found an article with a picture of them in the sunshine-y studio...

They have his and her's studios, have been married 25 years and have two teenagers together. 

list of books 

Kevin Henkes reads to the family every morning over breakfast and has kept a list of the books read. I love seeing what people read. Especially when I agree with them on their book choices.

I like these people! 

I also like these teensy daffodils. 

This book is simplicity itself. Geared toward smaller readers, the words are simple and strong. 

Before spring....

....and after spring has come.

Melting snow piles. 

Spring transforms the world!

I like the But if  you wait bits. Henkes last solo book was called Waiting and was a Caldecott Honor book last year. Waiting is an important part of life for kids. 

Also, I took these pictures outside (clearly) and for some reason, the lighting seems all off. So pay no attention to the wonky lighting.

I do love this book. 

All that rain!

And puddles!

Aren't the colors perfect for spring?

Pussy willows! 

Snowy daffodils!

I love these pages of alliteration. buds, bees, boots, and bubbles. 

Oh the happiness of spring!

Spring engages all our senses. 

And even after Spring has arrived, there is still more waiting to do.

This waiting thing is never ending.  

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