Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Little Oven by Eleanor Estes

This is a perfectly sweet book. We love Eleanor Estes. She is vintage, but oh so quality! This is a story about two little girls named Genevieve and Helena. I don't have the book at work where I am writing this, but I am pretty sure Helena is from California. Genevieve is from France and they both have moved to Connecticut. They become fast friends.

Eleanor Estes pictures are lovely watercolors with vibrant pops of color.

Genevieve arriving. 

Playing together constantly as all best friends do.

Language is a little tricky, with Genevieve's French accent, but they make it work.

In a show of solidarity, they chew in each other's languages.

Whenever Genevieve is tired, her mother picks her up for a little 'ovin and a little 'uggin.

When she goes home, she asks her mother if she can have a little 'ovin and a little 'uggin. Her distracted mother thinks she is talking about a pretend oven. 

They go to the store to buy an oven, but none of them were what Genevieve was wanting. 

A while later, the two families got together for a playdate. 

When Helena got her little 'uggin and a little 'ovin, Genevieve's mother finally understood what she meant. So she promptly sat down and snuggled. 

And now both little girls had all the lovings and huggings they needed. 

Isn't that adorable?

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