Tuesday, February 28, 2017

King Bidgoods in the Bathtub by Audrey Wood & Illus by Don Wood

My husband Justin remembered loving this book from his childhood. We bought it and the kids love it too. It is silly and outrageous! 

And yes, I did buy that little golden tub just for these pictures. I rarely do that, but I happened to see this little golden tub one day at the store and it just seemed like I should buy it for ol' King Bidgood. The kids are enchanted with it. As we left for school this morning, Elsie carefully placed her pterodactyl and Woody the Woodpecker into the golden bath for a nice, day long soak. 

This poor page is trying to get the king out of the bath. He enlists support from the King's court.

No matter what they say or suggest however, King Bidgood finds a way to do it in the tub. 

Today we battle in the tub!

And everyone leaves soaked. 

Today we lunch in the tub!

The queen is not amused. 

This book is a Caldecott Honor book from the 1980's. The colors it uses are dated, but the pictures are still fun! 

And interesting tidbit, the page is based on Audrey and Don Wood's son. Did you know they were married? They are. And they have a son that looked like the page in the 1980's. 

Fishing in the tub. 

There is such a lot of silliness in this book--who creates a pond in a bathtub? This is why the kids love it.

Tonight we dance in the tub!

As the moon shone bright, the page has had enough. 

(Did you see all the loads of stuff he had to cart out each time the king made ponds and lunches in the tub? Poor kid.) 

He pulls the plug.

And finally, the king gets out. And you can almost see his bare bottom, which is hugely funny as well. 

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