Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Peace is an Offering by Annette Le Box & Illus by Stephanie Graegin

This is a sweet little book Elsie got from the Imagination Library book thing. (I do love that whole concept--free books for kids! It makes my mother/librarian heart exceedingly happy.)

This one is seriously adorable and gentle. A soothing, reassuring kind of poem about all the little things that build up into a child's understanding of what peace is. 

Darling endpapers

Peace is an offering, 
a muffin or peach. 

Peace is gratitude for simple things. Light through a leaf, a dragonfly's wings.

This may be a bad picture on my part, but in reality it is a delightful picture. 

Aren't the illustrations nice? So peaceful and gentle. 

This picture is mind-mindbogglingly cute!

(Like all Imagination library books, it has the English words with Spanish words underneath or nearby.)

And this one! 

So much cuteness! I am definitely going to check out Graegin's other books. 

All these questions that are so important. 

9-11 is referenced. 

Peace is a joining, not a pulling apart.
It's the courage to bear a wounded heart.

The courage to bear a wounded heart--this book even makes me stop and think. 

How to encourage peace--

So offer a cookie.
Walk away from a fight.

People gathered around an upright piano always make me happy. 

And then a lovely blessing. 

May peace walk beside you
Wherever you are.