Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Friday Nights of Nana by Amy Hest & Illus by Claire A. Nivola

This is a fabulous book about family and grandmothers and Jews. 

I love the artwork so much! Those blues and reds! 

The Friday nights of Nana begin early Friday morning in her kitchen and we are eating bread with sweet peach jam, which is her favorite and mine. 

Jennie has the day off school, so she can help Nana get ready for her Friday night dinner to celebrate the Sabbath. 

"Today I have no school!" I sing. "Lucky me!"
"Today you have no school!" she answers. "Lucky ME!" 

I love how delighted they are with each other. 

This picture right here is what made me decide this book needed to come home with me. I love interiors! 

Jennie is a little impatient for pie making and challah bread making.

They buy some flowers. 

Finally the house is scrubbed clean and it is time to get dressed.

And it is snowing! Jennie's impatience is a theme here--she is so excited for everything. 


I love big families. 

And I love this view in through the window of the Friday Nights of Nana. 

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