Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Snow Globe Family by Jane O'Conner & Illus by S D Schindler

This book is so adorable! I happen to have a thing for snow globes, so I am a bit biased, but it is super cute! The reviews on Amazon were mixed, some people saying it was difficult to keep track of which family was which. 

I say pooh-pooh to all of them. I thought it was pretty good about delineating which family was which. 

And it is cute! Did I mention how cute it is? 

The wee, tiny snow globe family.

The real family and the Snow Globe family live in this house. Because it is Victorian times, so why not? 

The big house family having tea of an evening.

The Snow Globe family having tea in the snow globe.

The snow globe family would love a big snow storm, but they haven't had a one in years. 

But the baby in the big family is intrigued by the snow globe, even if everyone else is too grown up to shake it.

The Snow Globe family reminiscing about past big 'uns.

Now they only have a slight flurry when the maid dusts.

In the big house, they are getting a huge snowstorm. Father and the older kids head out. 

Baby is untended for a little while and decides to check out the snow globe.

Woah! Babies meeting.

And the big house baby gives that Snow Globe family the storm they had been dreaming about. 

The big house baby is taken out to go sledding. Meanwhile the Snow Globe family finally has enough snow for sledding. 

Both families are out enjoying the winter!

Big house family

And then both families went to sleep, dreaming of sledding. 

If the Snow Globe family had a weather forecast, I think there would be a winter storm warning in the

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