Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday is Wash Day by MaryAnn Sundby & Tessa Blackham

I found this book last fall in the library. I was instantly smitten. I planned on saving it for spring, but who couldn't use a dose of early springness on a grey day in February? 

And this little family is ridiculously sweet and kind to each other. Even though the girls would rather be playing, they know their mother needs the help. So they help. 

It that ain't love... 

I despised laundry when I was a kid. 
(To be honest, I am not a huge fan of it as a grown up either.) 

The illustrations are all cut paper with 3-D elements that give the objects shadows and make them pop from the page. 

I adore the clothes line and clothes! And those itty bitty clothespins....!

Houses. I am not as crazy about these illustrations. I feel that Tessa Blackham really comes into her own in interiors and clotheslines. But they are still fun! 

 Mother announces that since today is Monday, it is washday. 

Everyone pitches in. 

Those piles of laundry look as though they might fall off the page. 

And the wallpaper and pictures!

Getting water. 

Wringer washing machine. 

Obviously this book is about a long time ago, but it feels fresh. And there is no explanation about long ago, which makes it feel like it really wasn't that long ago. If that makes sense. 

I love the depth the cut paper gives to the illustrations.  

The little brother gets to play, but for the older girls--"first we work and then we play." 

Pouring in the blueing


Hanging out

I love her on her tiptoes hanging out her doll clothes!

Did I mention I loves these illustrations? 

Then they have to iron, fold and put away. But they do it in a lovely shade of pink, so life is rosy.

Did you notice the rug? You need to love it. 

And the ironing board!

Mama kisses her big helpers when they are finally done. 

The girls run outside to play and wait for Daddy. 

Who carries an adorable little lunch pail. 

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