Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Albert's Alphabet by Leslie Tryon

This is a fun, mostly wordless book about building the letters of the alphabet. Very fun for little kids just starting to recognize letters!

Albert the duck is the school carpenter. They ask him to make an alphabet alongside the walking path. Albert gets right to work. 

His canvas, the walking path

He starts out with lots of lumber. 

He wants each letter to be different, but he doesn't want to waste wood. C is made of chopped up bits all fit together, and D is made from one of B's cutouts. 

His G is very grandiose.

Note the dovetailing.

Using his square.

Finally he runs out of lumber and starts on the box the lumber was in. 

I like how Albert manages to make "lmn" all close together, just like it is in the song.

After he runs out of materials, dedicated Albert starts using his house.

He gets creative with stones.

Firewood and stovepipes

Clotheslines and plumbing and that pesky water fountain

Then Albert starts on the shrubbery.

In a grand finale, Albert rearranges his entire house to make a Z.

And then, all the kids enjoy the alphabet while Albert sits down in his Adirondack chair with a well deserved cup of tea/coffee and writes a list of all the things he used in making the alphabet that he now needs to fix or buy. 

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